Idea Page activity - a variation of these examles could be used. Assignment engineering and isometric grid paper are in the MTEEA members password protected links below.

If your sub has access to a computer projecton system some of these video links may be useful.

Do your students have assess to a connected device? Some of these fraction questions or measurement questions may work for your sub.

If your sub has access to a computer projection system, this Reading a Ruler / Adding and Subtracting Fractions video may be useful. 

Printable Fraction Worksheets

Measurement Worksheets

QR Codes. Your students would need access to a connected device. Development of activity required. Some good examples are shown on the QR Codes link.

The below activities are for MTEEA members only. Authentication is required. Do to the COVID-19 outbreak MTEEA is sharing these resources to all - Username is mteea and Password is mteea1920  To access, enter username and password you have been provided on one of the links. Once a password protected link has been opened, the others in the members only section should not require authentication during your viewing session.

Idea Page Engineer Grid Paper (to be used with above Idea Page activity)

Idea Page Isometric Grid Paper (to be used with above Idea Page activity)

Dream Home assignment information. Read the construction packet. Answer questions on the worksheet.

Energy Activity Booklet.

You will need to prepare 6 or 7 sets of 20 wooden blocks. Each block needs to be a different size. Number them and use this measurement info sheet to learn or review ruler reading and identification of lumber surfaces. Use this activity answer sheet to record answers. Here is a paper ruler you can duplicate for student use.

Measure parts of the classroom answer sheet.

Ruler Increments handout.

Here is a 4 and 5 Band Resistor Reading chart

Here is a 6 Band Resistor Reading chart.

Resistor Color Code worksheet.

Using Resistor Color Code worksheet.

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